About europartner

More than 20 years of europartner language schools ltd. – ways for a better understanding

Thank you for your interest in europartner language schools ltd. Established in 1996, europartner language schools limited organizes language holidays for kids and teens, which are:

  • TRAVEL AND TALK (language holidays),
  • SPORTS AND TALK (combined language and sports holidays) and
  • SPECIALS (extended or intensive language holidays),

The holidays are primarily to England. We have course centres along the English south coast −  Christchurch, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, on the Isle of Portland, in Weymouth  We also offer English in Malta and in the USA. In case you are interested in other European languages, we have destinations in France, Spain and Germany. From our office in Weymouth, England, we co-ordinate the international marketing activities as well as all the travel services for our students. This includes their accommodation, language courses and full-time activity programme.

The concept for language holidays was presented by the company’s founder Walter Beyer and his wife Ursula in 1976. Since that day, more than 300,000 children, teenagers and adults have experienced a worthwhile, eventful and exciting language holiday. In 2016 europartner language schools ltd. became a daughter of Voyage Reisenorganisation GmbH which has over 30 years of experience in youth travel. In the end, all of them have agreed on one thing: the promise of possibilities presented was delivered. This is the result of the continuing development of europartner language schools. The concept contains committed and observant Teamers, qualified and understanding teachers, caring and attentive host families and an attractive programme with excursions and activities. Our schools offer small learning groups with a maximum of 15 pupils intensively supervised by native speakers. The interesting, carefully elaborated teaching material is one of the many elements of success of this concept. Furthermore, now more than 30 employees in the office in Augustdorf, Germany, make sure everything flows smoothly. They work for continuous improvement of quality to give parents and students the assurance that everyone is in good hands and is going to profit from their language holiday.

Acquiring new language skills or improving existing ones is the basis of our language holidays. Added to this is the chance to get to know different countries, the people, everyday life and a bit of history and culture as well. To put it in a nutshell: “I am getting to know a country and new people and am becoming an active part of the European international understanding. “

We have extensive experience of teaching foreign languages at all levels. Our aim is to combine language learning with the best of foreign travel.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach and attention to detail, which our existing customers know and value. We have an established customer network of youth organizations, schools and adult education institutions, many of whom have travelled with us again and again, but we are always looking for new collaboration options.